About Me

My name is John T. Bonaccorsi. I am a web developer living in New Jersey and currently working as a part of a very talented team at O3 World, an interactive agency located in the heart of Fishtown in Philadelphia.

My journey as a web developer began way back in 1998, when I realized I had more fun creating websites in “10 simple steps” on AOL Hometown than I did playing outside. Historians have since argued that I was a nerd long before 1998, but I’ve stood by my timeline.

Thankfully, I now create web applications whose technical scopes far exceed the capabilities of AOL Hometown. I primarily work with open source platforms such as Drupal, WordPress, and my personal favorite, Laravel. I am also keeping a close eye on the incredibly interesting new wave of JavaScript libraries like React and Meteor.

Although from time to time I am known to slam my fist down against my desk in a mix of anger and frustration, I truly love what I do. When I am not coding, I am usually learning how to improve the code I just wrote. I believe in treating people with respect and kindness, and maintaining a human personality despite working in a field where I have to think like a computer.